Join Team 2021 For Khalistan Referendum

About SFJ & Referendum

“Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ) is an international advocacy group which believes in and adheres to UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenants guaranteeing all peoples rights to life, liberty, freedom and self-determination. SFJ believes in establishing independent and sovereign country in the region of Indian held Punjab through peaceful and democratic means. Referendum is SFJ’s campaign to hold an unofficial Referendum in August 2021 among the global Sikh community on the question of establishing Khalistan on the principle of Sikhs right self-determination as guaranteed in UN Charter and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.


By Joining Team 2021 as a volunteer, you agree to the following:
1. Sikhism is a separate religion and Sikhs are people with their own distinct religion, language, culture and historical homeland.
2. Sikhs have right of self-determination under UN Charter and international law.
3. The region of Punjab currently held by India is the historical homeland of Sikhs
4. Creation of sovereign country Khalistan in the region of Indian held Punjab through non-violent, peaceful and democratic means.
5. Khalistan is a political opinion and advocating for creation of Khalistan through Referendum and other non-violent means is NOT a crime or terrorism.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Team 2021 volunteer, you will be expected to do one or more of the following tasks:
1. Disseminate information that holding and demanding Referendum is purely a democratic and lawful act.
2. Distribute informational brochures to spread awareness about Sikhs’ right of self- determination as guaranteed under UN Charter and International law.
2. Participate/Attend Referendum 2021 events and conferences, in person or online.
3. Share and spread Referendum 2021 informational/educational posters through social media
4. Motivate others to sign up and register to be Team 2021 volunteers.
5. Duties assigned related to Voter Registration and Voting for Referendum 2021
6. Become part of SFJ and Referendum 2021 groups on social media.


Team 2021 Volunteers agree to only distribute Khalistan Referendum material provided by the SFJ.
1. Team 2021 is a volunteer (without pay) initiative
2. Punjab based Team 2021 volunteers will be reimbursed for campaign expenses.